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              • 1990

              • Started entrepreneurship and operation for door and window hardware;

                1990Year-Started entrepreneurship to run door and window hardware.

              • 1995

              • Started a new plant for a new product, friction stay as trial production;

              • 1996

              • Shantou Aurican Architectural Hardware Co., Ltd. was established;

              • 1997

              • Offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenyang, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu, Xi’an, Wuhan and Changsha were open.

              • 2000

              • Participated in the door and window exhibition in Australia at the first time; Joined in the Association of Door and Window of Australia as well as the international marketing started;

              • 2001

              • Shanghai Aurican Company was established;A rivet and screw plant from Hongkong was under acquisition.

              • 2003

              • Relocated in Jinyuan Industrial Park;
                Industry-university-research base was established with Guangdong University of Technology;
                Certified by ISO9001

                2003Year-The Company was relocated on the industrial workshop in Jinyuan Industrial Town.

              • 2005

              • The 1st branch plant of Aurican was put into operation;
                Shantou AKA Exhibition Equipment Co., Ltd. was open;
                Joined in American Association of Door and Window;
                Hong Kong ASCOT Group Co., Ltd. was established.

                2005Year-The 1st branch plant of Aurican was founded.

              • 2006

              • Aurican was awarded as the Private Science & Technology Enterprise of Guangdong Province.

              • 2007

              • Entrusted by the Ministry of Construction, Aurican became one drafting unit of Construction Industry Standard JG/T127-2007 Hardware Friction Stay For Door and Window of the PRC., which was implemented from October 1, 2007.

              • 2008

              • The 1st stage of Aurican Industrial Park was completed and put into operation with automatic production equipments;
                Verified by Guangdong Provincial Department of Science & Technology, Aurican was awarded National High and New Technology of Enterprises;
                Aurican headquarters was relocated to the industrial park for operation;
                Aurican Company's turnover was over RMB 100 million Yuan.

                2008Year-The 1st stage of the Project of Aurican Industrial Park was put into operation.

              • 2009

              • Aurican was appraised as the Famous Trademark of Guangdong Province;
                Aurican launched the management mode of “6 Sigma Lean Production".

              • 2010

              • The stainless steel friction stay produced by Aurican was awarded as the Independent Innovative Products of Guangdong Province;
                Shantou Dingzuan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was established;
                The optimization project for stainless steel friction stay production process was implemented to accelerate standardized production.

              • 2011

              • Developed three standardized products of stainless steel hinge and achieved automatic massive production of High-quality, Standard and Universal";
                The 2nd stage of production and office building in the headquarters was under preparation;

              • 2012

              • The 2nd stage of production and office building in the headquarters was completed and put into operation.

              • 2013

              • Aurican passed ISO14001 environmental protection system with certification.

              • 2014

              • Aurican introduced OA system to accelerate information infrastructure.

              • 2015

              • Aurican was awarded “(Aurican) Engineering Technology Research Center of Guangdong Building Door and Window Structures”.

              • 2016

              • Aurican introduced ERP system to accelerate the enterprise's response to the market, and improve its competitiveness.
                Entrusted by the Ministry of Construction, Aurican became one drafter of the industry standard JG/T127-2017 Friction Stay Hardware For Building Window & Door of the People's Republic of China;
                The 3rd stage of the production and office building in headquarters was under preparation for construction;

                2016Year-he 3rd stage of the production and office building of the Company headquarters was under preparation.

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